Summer Fun 2018

Rising Star Montessori has offered a quality educational program in Alameda for 35 years. We combine the best of Montessori with traditional curriculum to provide your children with a challenging and comprehensive program. We offer full day classes with extended care integrated into the total program for Preschoolers through the 5th graders. Starting at age 2 years 4 months at the Cottage Campus and 2 years 9 months at the High Street Campus, children are in mixed age classes with a full array of learning materials and activities.

We have a solid school community consisting of a diverse staff, student and parent body. Our Parent Involvement Program has served to grow long lasting relationships and pride in our school.

During the summer we offer enriched science and cultural themes with a continuing extended care program to help working families give their children a fun time and a safe after school experience.

We invite families to use our Summer Program “Summer Fun 2018” as a way to become familiar with our school and transition into the Fall Program.

Come join us for a Summer of Fun!

The students will have a great time over the summer learning about:

What is on a farm? What are senses? What do bugs do? What fun filled
activities can be done during their spare time?

Join us for any or all of the weeks of the summer program!

June 18 – August 10, 2018

High Street Campus

Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Ages 2 years 9 months- 10 years (potty trained)

Cottage Campus


Starting age 2 years 4 months

All About Me at the High Street Campus

Pre Kindergarten (start age 2 years 9 months)

The Five Senses
Come join us as we learn more about each of the five senses. During each week of summer we will present experiences with one of our senses. Through activities and creative projects, children will increase their understanding and enjoyment of seeing, touching, hearing, smelling and listening. We have many hands-on materials in our repertoire that will make this subject come alive for children at this age.

Healthy Food – Healthy Body
Take a journey through the digestive system and discover how the teeth, tongue, esophagus, stomach, and intestines are involved in the process of turning food into energy. We will present the basic body systems including the skeletal, muscular and digestive. Learn about health and nutrition and how eating healthy produces a healthy body with the food pyramid. Children will become involved in cooking projects and menu planning.


Down on the Farm at the Cottage

Pre Kindergarten (2 years 4 months to 4 years)

Farm – a piece of land used for growing crops or raising livestock

Many people live on farms. They grow their own food as well as sell food to others. When you go to the grocery store or farmer’s markets, all the food comes from farms of different kinds. Children will learn about the large farmhouse which usually has a kitchen with a wood stove. The Barn and Silo are landmarks when we drive on a country road and the children will be shown why a barn is red, where animals live and where we store grains.

We will cover spring planting and the fall harvest. We will learn about all the different farm equipment used for planting and harvesting and the difference about fields and orchards. What do we have in our gardens?

What is a farm without animals and scarecrows? We will learn about farms around the world, are they different or the same?

We welcome parents, grandparents and guests who have farming experience to come and share their memories. Music, food and crafts will round out the week.

Summer Pastimes at the High Street Campus

Elementary (completed K-5th)

Pastime – something that amuses and serves to make time pass happily.

The summer will be filled with creative expressions and fun filled weeks as we embark to touch on 8 different pastimes out of the thousands that are available to choose from. Each week we will give a brief sampling of what the pastime entails, activities as a follow up, then the culmination of the week with how to display works for maximum effect to obtain the oohs and ahs.

What? The week begins with an introduction of how each pastime can be developed into a passion. What will pique your child’s hidden talent? Could it be Drawing, Painting, Gardening, Cooking, Drama, Crafts, Sewing or Sports Camp?

How? Children will have an opportunity to create their own aspects of a personal masterpiece.

Oohs and Ahs! Exhibits, Fairs, Shows, Performances, Displays, or Taste Tests will give the children a sense of excitement to see all of their talents and also an idea of what they may see in museums, at plays, or county fairs.

Wild About Bugs at the High Street Campus

Pre Kindergarten (start age 2 years 9 months)

Come and join us in the study of the tiny creatures that live all around us. We will learn about the many kinds of insects and their communities.

The Environment: Where do insects dwell? Let’s find out where on Earth bugs can be found. Is an ant in your back yard the same type of ant found in Columbia?

Local Habitats: What’s in your backyard, at the park or even at the beach. Let’s explore the different places where bugs can be found.

Their Contributions: Find out about the many insects that are helpful and useful. Study the contributions of the ladybug, silkworm and predatory insects.