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Summer Fun 2019

Rising Star Montessori has offered a quality educational program in Alameda for 37 years. We combine the best of Montessori with traditional curriculum to provide your children with a challenging and comprehensive program. We offer full day classes with extended care integrated into the total program for Preschoolers through the 5th graders. Starting at age 2 years 4 months at the Cottage Campus and 2 years 9 months at the High Street Campus, children are in mixed age classes with a full array of learning materials and activities.

We have a solid school community consisting of a diverse staff, student and parent body. Our Parent Involvement Program has served to grow long lasting relationships and pride in our school.

During the summer we offer enriched science and cultural themes with a continuing extended care program to help working families give their children a fun time and a safe after school experience.

We invite families to use our Summer Program “Summer Fun 2019” as a way to become familiar with our school and transition into the Fall Program.


Come join us for a Summer of Fun!

The students will have a great time over the summer learning about:

What is on a farm? What are senses? What do bugs do? What fun filled
activities can be done during their spare time?

Join us for any or all of the weeks of the summer program!

June 17 – August 9, 2019

High Street Campus

Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Ages 2 years 4 months- 10 years

(Space limited for potty training transition program)

Monet’s Garden

Pre Kindergarten (start age 2 years 4 months)

Limited Transition Program spaces available

Come and join us for gardening and art! This summer we will feature botany and planting activities with an artistic flair! The children will be in for an exciting discovery of life inside a garden. We will learn about how plants live and what they need to thrive. Children will take walking field trips to our parks in Alameda.

Gardens and green thumbs: Germination and sprouting seeds will be studied. While making little gardens, students will learn about the roots, stems, leaves and plants that are edible. Appreciation of flowers and their beauty will be discovered through art activities. Students will create art from a floral bouquet.

Bugs (the friends of gardens): Students will learn the beauty of bugs by observing butterflies, ladybugs and beetles in their natural habitat. Come and learn about ants and bees, the workers of the garden.

The Art of Gardening, Linnea in Monet’s Garden: Come and hear about the popular storybook character Linnea. Students will create a journal of garden drawings that they have seen or imagined. The students will become Jr. Monet artists.


Pre Kindergarten (start age 2 years 9)

Come along as National Geographic Explorers to learn more about our neighbors around the world. At the beginning of each session we will explore the places, people, plants and animals from the continent or geographic region of our focus. As many cultures and people all live here in the US, we will learn more about the places we have come from and what has been brought to this continent we live on.

Our Neighbors in the Americas – We will visit some countries in Central and South America and focus on the customs. people and special features. Nicaragua, Brazil and the Amazon Rain Forest, Peru and the Andes Mountains will be the focus of the Americas.

Study of Asia – We will visit China, India and the Philippines. What are some famous landmarks in these countries? What land forms are these countries?

The Different Countries in Africa – We will visit Egypt and study the ancient pyramids, then proceed to Nigeria where the Niger River runs, and our trip will end in South Africa. What interesting things will we see on a safari in the Serengeti?

Summer Pastimes at the High Street Campus

Elementary (completed K-5th)

Pastime – something that amuses and serves to make time pass happily.

The summer will be filled with creative expressions and fun filled weeks as we embark to touch on 8 different pastimes out of the thousands that are available to choose from. Each week we will give a brief sampling of what the pastime entails, activities as a follow up, then the culmination of the week with how to display works for maximum effect to obtain the oohs and ahs.

What? The week begins with an introduction of how each pastime can be developed into a passion. What will pique your child’s hidden talent? Could it be Drawing, Painting, Gardening, Cooking, Drama, Crafts, Sewing or Sports Camp?

How? Children will have an opportunity to create their own aspects of a personal masterpiece.

Oohs and Ahs! Exhibits, Fairs, Shows, Performances, Displays, or Taste Tests will give the children a sense of excitement to see all of their talents and also an idea of what they may see in museums, at plays, or county fairs.


Pre Kindergarten (start age 2 years 9 months)

Come and join us in our adventure in Paleontology! This summer we will delve into the mysteries that fossils tell us about life long ago. Learn about the many kinds of prehistoric life. We will journey through the prehistoric time using models, activities, art projects, dioramas, videos and songs. See how the dinosaurs lived together and why they became extinct. Get set to have fun with Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs on the land: The story of a rock! Come dig up little fossils and put together the bones of dinosaurs that lived on the land. Find out who were the meat-eaters and plant-eaters

Dinosaurs in the water: Learn about who lived in the oceans and discover who the sea beasts were. We will look at the animals that lived where the water meets the land.

Dinosaurs that traveled through the air: Gliding, diving and flying reptiles! Learn about Archaeopteryx, the first bird, Pterodactyls and other gliding dinosaurs.