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Process of Assessment

The Montessori Method of teaching aims to educate the whole child, ultimately preparing them to be self-directed life long learners and engaged global citizens. To that end, our school philosophy on assessment is based on consistent communication and sharing of goals between parents and teachers. As the child enters the classroom, the teacher will assess them on their knowledge of math, language, shapes and colors to have a better understanding of how to challenge and move the child forward in their learning development. 

Examples of Math and Language

Math: 0-10, 11-19, tens, (quantity, symbol and association), place values, special units (time, money, fractions, and measurement)

Language: Recognition of letters, the beginning sounds, family words, sight words, long and short vowels, blends and digraphs.


Goal Setting

Montessori education has a long history of careful observation and development of curriculum to meet the needs of individual children. We begin the year with individualized goal setting between teachers and parents. Our focus is on your child and the best way we can work together to ensure a great school experience for them, both academically and socially. Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled times when we go over the details of your child’s progress.

Parent Communication & Observations

Throughout the school year our goal is to provide parents with ongoing opportunities to stay up to date with their child’s individual progress and the school community. Here are several ways parents stay in touch with their child’s progress:

Parent Information Email (“PIE”) is sent electronically and may include school reminders and/or specific requests.

Classroom Observations are scheduled throughout the year, preceding Parent/Teacher conferences. This is an opportunity for you to observe your child in class and to find out what it is like in a Montessori classroom environment.

Parent/Child Night is held once a year in your child’s classroom. This is an opportunity for your child to show you how they learn through the use of the hands-on Montessori materials.

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