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Children's Experience

What Children Experience

Each day children are welcomed into Rising Star, ready for their adventure in learning. The classes are physically organized into the different subject areas so that children can easily work with Montessori materials and absorb concepts in a structured environment. As they go through the schedule of the day, from greeting, to circle, to independent activity time, snack, music, lunch/recess, nap and afternoon work time, all parts of the children are stimulated in turn. Ending the day in a calm, quiet time means that children are ready to go home, rest and come again tomorrow!

A Day in Our Pre-K Program

The children begin the day with a morning group meeting where the children are seated on the group line. During this time they are welcomed with an overview of the day’s announcements, assignments and activities, music and movement and songs, calendar and the weather report. This is followed by dismissal into the morning work period with special small group or individual lessons that are under the framework of our Montessori curriculum guide. Snack is provided daily by parents and offered through the morning work period. Children serve themselves using skills they learn in our Practical Life area.

A morning recess is also provided for children needing a moment to stretch and take in some gross-motor activities of running and climbing. As the children return to class they resume their work period. Morning enrichment resources such as computer lab, library, and art take place on their scheduled day.

At mid-day children prepare for lunch to begin. They bring their own protein enriched lunch from home and once again practice their Practical Life skills along with more social development. A play time follows lunch which is followed by a 45 minute rest time.

The afternoon work period’s focus is on the Cultural studies of Zoology, Geography, Botany and History. At the end of the school day children are then released into our Extended Care Program, or picked up by their parent or caregiver on record.

A Day in Our Elementary Program

The children start the morning with a class meeting where they discuss the activities and schedule of the day, as well as calendar and announcements. After group, the children start their morning work period where small group lessons in Reading and Math take place while other children may work independently on journaling and handwriting. At this time some children may also be scheduled to attend an enrichment program like Art, Computer Lab, or Writer’s Workshop. A morning recess is provided to give children an opportunity to have their morning snack and playground time. After morning recess the children resume their morning work period.

After the morning session, children are dismissed for lunch and more playground time. After lunch the children make their way back to class and peacefully transition into the afternoon work period. In the afternoon the curriculum focus shifts to enrichment studies and class projects. There are cultural study presentations in Science, Geography, Astronomy, History, Zoology, Botany, Anatomy, or Biology and specific follow-up activities and journal writing. Resource programs such as Spanish and Physical Education are also taught in the afternoon. Librarians may also assist the children in their development of research skills with the use of reference books, periodicals, encyclopedias and other library resources.

At the end of the school day children are then released into our Extended Care Program, or picked up by their parent or caregiver on record.

“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.”

Maria Montessori

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