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Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year!

The 2019-2020 Academic School Year

The first day of school is Monday, August 19, 2019, and the last day of school is Friday, June 5, 2020.

Your weekly Parent Information Email (PIE) will generally be sent out on Wednesdays as well as a plastic holder with a card, also known as a PIE (Parent Information Envelope) which will be in your child’s backpack, where you indicate any parent work hours┬ácompleted and on the other side of the card, please sign that you have received the Parent Information Envelope/Email (PIE). Return the plastic holder and card on the next school day your child attends. Teachers will also have communications through email, so be on the lookout for anything coming from risingstarschool.org. Forms which will need to be completed will go home in the weekly PIE.

Please call the main office at 510-865-4536 with any questions, suggestions or concerns.

The 2019 Summer Fun starts on Monday, June 17th and the last day is August 9th.

More information can be found here.

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