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Come and join us for an exciting venture. We will explore the “night-time world” of animals. In the light of our day, we will see what they experience while we are sleeping! Over the eight weeks, we will explore different habitats where animals, plants and insects go about their daily life. Each week a special animal will be featured.

Day and Night all Around Us:

We will present the concept of Day & Night, then move on to exploring what is light and what is a shadow, then into the night.

The Forest at Night:

What happens when the sun goes down at night in the forest? Who comes to life and how do they see? Owls, bats and crickets will be studied.

The Desert at Night:

Sometimes during the day there seem to be no animals, but wait until the night and the desert is teeming with lizards, snakes, turtles, amphibians and birds!

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