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Come and join us for gardening and art! This summer we will feature botany and planting activities with an artistic flair! The children will be in for an exciting discovery of life inside a garden. We will learn about how plants live and what they need to thrive. Children will take walking field trips to our parks in Alameda.

Gardens and green thumbs:

Germination and sprouting seeds will be studied. While making little gardens, students will learn about the roots, stems, leaves and plants that are edible. Appreciation of flowers and their beauty will be discovered through art activities. Students will create art from a floral bouquet.

Bugs (the friends of gardens):

Students will learn the beauty of bugs by observing butterflies, ladybugs and beetles in their natural habitat. Come and learn about ants and bees, the workers of the garden.

The Art of Gardening, Linnea in Monet’s Garden:

Come and hear about the popular storybook character Linnea. Students will create a journal of garden drawings that they have seen or imagined. The students will become Jr. Monet artists.

To learn more about our Summer Fun program, and download the application, click here.